CORE Software

NST’s reconfigurable Operating System (Nos) Windows thread manager software framework is key to rapid development of time-sensitive pseudo and real-time applications on conventional and symmetric parallel processing PC configurations. Nos is a framework of software architecture and supporting libraries designed for various uses such as data acquisition, modeling and simulation,  process control,  navigation, guidance, GPS integration / testing, GPS simulator control, RF stimulator control,  publisher / subscriber data distribution, visualization, remote data access / control and many others. Nos allows software developers to construct the major and minor frame time execution (4500+Hz….200Hz, 100Hz, 50Hz, 25Hz, 10Hz, …1Hz) of the various processing threads,  specifying a specific or auto distributed multicore CPU allocation. The Nos scheduler allows a developer to allocate processing threads similar to what one would do on an embedded real-time system.  More importantly, the Nos core and application layer software framework provides the methods need to construct simple to complex real-time applications on Windows based laptops and PC in various forms and levels of sophistication. Nos supports three levels of frame based time disciplined Nos thread execution.

  • The standard PC / Windows multi-media timer clocks providing a jittery Windows experience.
  • Pseudo real-time (PRT) mode utilizing a 1 pulse per second (1PPS) input (opt 10MHz input)  coupled with hardware timer card which aligns Nos’ minor/ major frame executions and tames the Windows jitter to observable levels.
  • Hard real-time (HRT) mode using the a 1 pulse per second (1PPS) input (opt 10MHz input)  coupled with hardware timer card as in PRT mode but with the addition of IntervalZero’s RTX Real-Time extensions to Windows.

Virtually, the same user application code can be executed on all three configuration allow easy software development and migration from inexpensive to full I/O featured hardware.