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V2 NetNode - A Low Cost, Flexible Edge Node With Optional Radio Modem Solution

NodeX, NST Edge Interface Board, NetBurner Mod5234, MicroHard Nano Series

The V2 Edge Node Provides A Developer With a Ready to Use Solution For Complex Multi-I/O Interface Applications

The V2 Edge Node was orignally developed as a low cost 1350-1390MHz 2W telemetry / translator / data link system for a successful miltary airborne flight test program operating under extreme temperature and vibration conditions as well as a UAV up/down sensor fusion / translator / controller. The V2 Edge Node is now available as a general offering.

Choose The Software and Hardware That Fits Your Requirements:

Hardware Forms: Use Whatever of Level of Integration You Require: NST's Interface Board and Add a NetBurner MOD5234, add a MicroHard Radio, Add a Low Cost BUD Box Off-The_Shelf Enclosure or Design Your Own

Rich Software Capabilites: Basic MOD5234 NetBurner SDK + Add NST's S/W Framework with Radio Interface, Add the NST NodeX Software Suite, Add Your Custom Code

Ask NST about our V2 Edge Node Software Capabilites Such as: GPS Interfaces (Commercial and Military), High Speed Serial DMA, Just in Time Buffer Logic, Queue Logic, Status Monitoring, Message Translation, Real-time Event Processing...

Interface Board Capabilities

  • Input Power: 9 - 32VDC, 3.3V 2A Switching Internal Power Supply
  • Supports Microhard Systems Inc, Nano Series Wireless Modems
  • Chamber Tested:-50°C to 75°C. Cold Soak, Thermal Shock
  • Vibration Table Tested to Fighter Jet Taxi and Wing Buffet Flight Profiles
  • Jumper Selectable Serial RS232 / RS422 / GPIO Functions
  • Cristek MBC CMD Micro-D Connectors
  • Four RS232/422 Ports, 1 w/ External Chip Oscillator for Custom Baud Rates
  • One CANBus Tx/RX
  • Six GPIO: 2 Inputs, 4 Outputs. (Based on Mod5234 ETPU Configuration (i.e. PWM, DIO...)
  • Two IRQs: IRQ1, IRQ3
  • 3.3VDC .5A Payload Output
  • Available in custom configurations, with and without the Microhard Nano Series radio, to support various use cases. Contact NST for Alternative I/O Configurations. Note The system was designed to operate in a harsh noisy environments. Other than the Microhard radio module, no FCC system certification.

    Note: Things Change Rapidly! Specifications, Capabilities, Features and Availability Subject to Change Without Notice and May Be Restricted to Certain Users.