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Advanced Data Distribution in One Day or Less with MQTT Device Messaging, Embedded Software Architecture, PC Configuration and Analysis Tools and More on NetBurner Devices.

Layered Software – Configured For NetBurner and PC Systems

NodeX software for NetBurner devices is available in three levels from basic a basic NST MQTT client implementation to complete embedded software architecure with device managment, intra / inter-node device routing and with message translation.

NodeX-LT Contains...

  • NST's threaded MQTT C++ Class implementation optimized for NetBurner developers / integrators.

  • A standard COTS MQTT Broker for use on Windows with minor useablity modifications.

  • Sample code framework to kickstart your distributed data application. Prototype and field connectivty to / from your "Thing" (model, software, I/O protocol driver, etc.).

  • NodeX-DM Adds...

  • All the NodeX-LT features plus the NodeX C++ embedded application software framework for intranode / internode device management and data routing capabilites.

  • A Interface Control Document (ICD) Device / Object Data Dictionary framework which completely describes every detail of an device interface (messages, fields, data types, LSB, scale factors, units, enumerations, endianess).

  • NodeX NetConfig a PC graphical user interface tool to configure the network, nodes, message topics and routing requirements.
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  • NodeX NodeLogger a PC tools for logging, data extraction, plot, quicklook logger, grid display, data viewer.
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  • NodeX NetView a PC tool to dynamically access Node data in plots, grids, displays and quicklook logs in real-time - No Coding Necessary

  • NodeX-DT adds...

  • All the NodeX-DM features plus DataMapper device message translation technology.

  • Map and translate from source device messages to a complete different destination message without any code development!

  • Save Bandwidth & Cloud Data Cost! With the DataMapper option you can throttle device(s)' message rates, merge messages from multiple streams, control content and publishing rate based on data triggers, conditionals or desired rate, create new messages and alter it all without any modifications to the embedded code!

  • Note: NST’s embedded software framework is suitable for use non-resource constrained NetBurner modules.

    Note: Things Change Rapidly! Specifications, Capabilities, Features and Availability Subject to Change Without Notice and May Be Restricted to Certain Users.