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The Problem:

A USAF/ AFRL Customer Required an Independent & Cost Effective Solution for a Command, Control, Data Acquisition and Analysis System to Stimulate a Smart Weapon Subjected to External Influences Necessary to Substantiate Laboratory Simulation Results.

The system must:
  • Emulate the aircraft ICD MILSTD-1553 Bus controller to/from UUT weapon Interface Control Document (ICD).
  • Time Transfer, Transfer Alignment
  • Initialization in static and dynamic inertial modes.
  • GUIs to control / view all data over every interfaces in real-time (1553, 422, digital I/O).
  • Allow operator(s) to dynamically view 100s of messages at the message, parameter, bit level in engineering units.
  • Dynamically and pre-mission operator created plots, displays, ASCII quick-look data.
  • Operate in laboratory, mobile land and in airborne environments.
  • Interface, sequence, timestamp, log all, multiple MILSTD busses, RS422, RS232, Ethernet & GPIB b-[ased instrumentation.
  • Provide operator action event logging of test passes and marked of event data.
  • Provide a rapid data reduction capability without have to write custom code.
  • Distribute all data to remote viewing stations for focused analysis.
  • Provide a "Big Green Button" to automate all initialization, control, sequencing, logging and data reduction functions.
  • The Solution:

    CORE-PC Software Utilizing Military F22-GINS GPS/INS Avioncs as the Master Mavigator and Timing Source.

    NST developed the real-time MIL-STD-1553 Bus Controller / Bus Monitor, RS-422, and GPIB system from CORE components. The F22-GINS dual channel dual redundant MIL-STD-1553 interface requirements were implemented as well as weapon 1553 and telemetry ICD requirements for initialization (ephemeris, almanac, INS, lever arms, mission data, precise time, transfer alignment etc) control and real-time performance analysis. All requirements implemented and exceeded customer expectations. The operators performed over 700 open-air simulated releases without a single failure. The system captured all data events giving the USAF the necessary live data results to substantiate the simulation findings.

    Subject to MCTD DD2345 Restrictions

    Note: Things Change Rapidly! Specifications, Capabilities, Features and Availability Subject to Change Without Notice and May Be Restricted to Certain Users.