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The Problem:

A USAF/ AFRL customer required a risk reduction, command, control, data acquisition, interface translation and analysis system to test an advanced GPS/INS system (UUT) in surrogate test UAV platforms prior to aircraft testing.

Airborne Segment Requirements:
  • Contain a two-way RF command and data link for PC control ground station to UAV.
  • Support for 7 simulataneous airborne UAVs.
  • Onboard UAV data translation of GPS/INS UUT Position, Velocity, Time data to UAV Piccolo autopilot inputs.
  • Onboard translation of electrical interfaces,data and data rates (Hi-speed RS422 to / from CANbus)
  • Telemetry UAV Piccolo data, GPS/INS UUT data to ground station.
  • Ground Station Requirements.
  • Telemetry Multi-point to Point topology, 1350-1390Mhz, 2 Watts, FHSS.
  • Full control over airborne GPS/INS UUTs.
  • Full operator situational awareness of all UAV / UUTs on ground and airborne.
  • Full ICD implmentation of GPS/INS UUT and Piccolo interfaces.
  • Automated and manual operator control of GPS/INS UUT
  • Allow operator(s) to dynamically view 100s of messages at the message, parameter, bit level in engineering units.
  • Dynamically and premission operator created plots, displays, ASCII quicklook data.
  • Provide operator action event logging of test passes and marked of event data.
  • Provide a rapid data reduction capabilty without have to write custom code.
  • Distribute all data to remote viewing stations for focused analysis.
  • Provide for a "Big Green Button" to automate all initialzation, control, sequencing, logging and data reduction functions.
  • The Solution:

    NST's CORE-PC and Modification of NST / AFRL's BLADE-V2 Embedded Telemetry Translator System.

    NST integrated previously developed GPS/INS UUT CORE application and BLADE ground station application to reroute I/O interfaces via interface shims which provided transparent opeations to user's familar with the direct coupled versions. NST manufactured seven BLADE miniture telemetry and interface translators and modified the BLADE firmware with the GPS/INS interface code as well as the Piccolo CANBus interface develpoed under other NST / AFRL efforts. The resulting system provided the sensor fusion platform allowing the customer to test the UUT in various GPS compromised environments while retaining UAV Piccolo autopilot functionality.

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