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A USAF/ AFRL Customer Required a Real-Time Land and Airborne Data Acquisition System To Evaluate Synchronized Data Sets From Navigators, IMUs, Visible and IR Cameras for Alternate Navigation Algorithm Development.


  • Develop a Data Acquisition System To Interface 2 Navigators (F-22 GINS, CrossBow), 3 IMUs (HG1930, HG1700,Crista), 4 Visible Cameras(Flea), 3 IR Cameras (2-Photon 640, Thermoteknix Miricle, Goodrich SU640), Baro-Altimeter and a Laser Range Finder.
  • Operate All Sensors in Parallel, Any Combination and Number While Recording & Time Stamping all Data and Images to GPS Time.
  • Log, Display all Data in Real-Time and Post Processing Modes.
  • Solution:

    Modify the Previously Developed Mobile Test Van Communications (MTVCom) System to Support New Interfaces, Devices and Imagery.

    MTVCOM, a Predessor to the Advanced CORE Software System, MS Windows based Time Disciplined, highly threaded, pseudo real-time data acquisition and avionics controller. MTVCom was Developed for UUT Evaluation.

  • 12 Slot Trenton Passive Backpane with Dual Quad Single Board PICMIG Computer
  • MILSTD-1553 Dual Bus Controller Channels, Dual Redundant
  • LVDS to GigE Ethernet
  • IEE-1394B Firewire Card Supporting S800 Speeds. Firewire time to GPS Time Sync Via MTVCOM software
  • Digital I/O / Timer Card for Synchronous Capture Strobes, GPS 1-Pulse Per Second Interrupts and Hardare Clock Interrupts for Minor Frame Thread Execution
  • Eight Port RS232/422
  • MTVCOM Offense Diagram

    A USAF Paper Describing the System Can Be Found" HERE or HERE

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