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NodeX - R&D Edge Node Embedded and PC Software MQTT Messaging and Device Control Framework for Unconstrained NetBurner MPUs.

Designed for Developers and End-users of NetBurner Based Applications who Require Rapid M2M Development and Extreme Flexiblity.

Applications: NetBurner Machine to Machine, IoT, Industrial IoT, Remote Sensors, Control and Other Data Distribution Applications Requiring Static and Dynamic Use Cases.

How is NST's NodeX MQTT Based Software Different than Other MQTT Based Data Distribution Offerings?

NodeX is more than just a MQTT messaging service. It's a software architecture and PC tools combined with MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) for NetBurner modules. NodeX's NetBurner application software architecure, and PC tools facilitate rapid software development of real-time devices wtih MQTT protocol on NetBurner platforms.

The basis of NodeX C++ software was developed under successful USAF R&D munition flight test programs using NetBurner's MOD5234 and MOD5441x core modules in environmentally difficult conditions (temperature, vibration, shock, electrical). The system supported real-time sensor fusion, command and control, interface agnostic message translations, complex synchronous / asynchronous / event processing, message based routing, contextual awareness, message and interface translation for connected devices with specialized wireless applications. Subsequent to the USAF programs, MQTT support was added.

We've repackaged the software components to complement NetBurner's ease of use such that minimal code development is necessary on your part for MQTT based publisher / subscriber communications including configuration, plotting, logging, gateway, recording and controlling attached devices. NodeX framework allows developers to focus on the devices and application layers, rather than all the external and internal software necesary to support distributed data access including SSL/TLS security.

Offered as a tiered product for software developers, the NodeX API supports manual and automated subscriber/publisher messaging, device (sensor) message routing, message translation and cross interface message routing. Coupled with NodeX API libaries are PC tools for configuration, data logging / viewing / plotting / replay, network management and a PC application for self-hosted Operations Technology Platform (gateway) processing. Based on device data dictionary definitions, access to all node messages are provided to the bit, byte, word, level is accomplished via simple drag and drop interfaces (NodeView) . The Operations Technology Platform is suitable for as a application controller and / or gateway to cloud domains.

NodeX's MQTT Client library is based on MQTT version 3.1.1 with NetBurner threaded implementation and additional features we've found useful at the application layer. NodeX-DM and NodeX-DT libraries contain advanced features such as MQTT client inheritance by device class, device/interface data routing, codeless message translation, multiple methods to publish / subscribe to topics (GUI, Automatic, manual). Of key importance is the abilty to change message topics, rates, trigger values, translation or routing with no code changes.

  • Flowbased Wire Connections with Drag and Drop Node / Device / network configuration tools (NodeConfig)
  • Intra-Node Message and Interface Routing (Data on Node 1 : Interface: X, Device A routed to Node 1 : Interface : Y, Device B ....) (i.e. RS232 <> CANbus, I2C to Serial, Ethernet to from any I/O interface or internal object)
  • Inter-Node Message / Interface Routing (Data on Node 1 : Interface: X, Device A routed to Node 2 : Interface: Y, Device B....) (i.e. Node 1 RS232 data to Node 2 CANBus....
  • Automated Message Format Translation, Message Field filtering (i.e. Publish subset of device's message or translate many devices messages to a new composite message and perform user operations on the data!)
  • Message Rate Control (output data only when trigger condition satisfied, at a specific rate / subrate
  • Operations PC Platfrom Gateway Software for Windows to Log, Control and Forward Node Data. (NetLogger)
  • Real-Time Data Access Dynamic Views, Logs, Plots, or use API to Access Your Data. (NetView)
  • Automatic Data Representation Support (Big Little Endian ordering, Word/Byte Swap, Engineering Unit Conversions, Enumerated Values, Type Conversions) (NetView)
  • Comprehensive Data Logging Of all Nodes and Device Data (NetLogger)
  • COTS Self-hosted MQTT Prebuilt Message Broker (Mosquitto)
  • NST's Multi-threaded MQTT Client Distribution for NetBurners
  • Compatiable with MQTT based, third party cloud providers. User's responsiblity.
  • NodeX's C++ embedded software architecture allows instantiation of N devices of the same type, allocated to I/O interfaces and manages data routing to / from and between various devices drivers and interfaces.

    Gee, What Does The NodeX Suite Consist of?

    NodeX software suite (LT, DM, DT) consists of the core framework of embedded libraries, selective source code for NetBurner devices (contact NST). Accompanying DM and DT distributions are PC based tools consisting of a packaged MQTT Mosquitto Broker for Windows, NodeConfig for node communications configuration, NodeLogger, NodeView C++ / C# software for data viewing/plotting/data reduction, DataMapper message translation definition, NodeDeploy for NodeX remote deployment configuration files.

    The MQTT Client software for Windows applications is based on the Eclipse paho distribution with enhancements.

  • "NodeX-LT" = Level 1 - Lite Implmentation Featuring NST's MQTT V 3.1.1 Client Implementation for NetBurners and API Library Conveniently Packaged for Rapid Implementation.
  • "NodeX-DM" = Level 2 - Adds the NodeX Embedded Architecture for Device Manager Interfaces / Message Router and the PC toolsets.
  • "NodeX-DT" = Level 3 - Adds Automated Message Data Format Translation
  • Note: Things Change Rapidly! Specifications, Capabilities, Features and Availability Subject to Change Without Notice and May Be Restricted to Certain Users.