Modeling and Simulation Efforts

Custom Modeling and Simulations Development for R&D and Other Applications

Network Sensing Technologies (NST) LLC is a DoD Prime Niche Contractor that developes and integrates custom software / hardware applications for the DoD and potentially the commerical space. We quickly create complex physics models and applications from our reusable C++ software library of components developed in various DoD R&D contracts. Our real-time controller applications are used in DoD laboratories and prime contact test facilties with DoD programs of record.

To support the various USAF customer requirements, NST develops simuations and models to stimulate system interfaces in lieu of the physical device or enviornment. Many of our models coexist with the physical devices they simulate allowing for quick transtion from Hardware in Loop testing to actual flight test.

A sample of our Models and Simulations include:
•   Medium of Fidelity 6 / 3 Degree of Freedom Trajectory Generators Used in HWIL and other Applications
•   GPS / IMU / Kalman Filter Based NavigationM
•   Trajectories to various INS/GPS Formats via MILSTD-1553, Ethernet, RS422 Formated Data Servers
•   Complex Multiple RF Stimulator / Inertial / GPS Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) mixed mode control software
•   RF Pulse Probagation Models
•   Geo-Location Simulations
•   Real-time Data Translation to Link-16, MILSTD-6016, TADIL-J formats

The our Software is Mircosoft based C++ with C# & .Net supporting applications designed to run in soft real-time, time disciplined pseudo real-time as well as hard real-time modes on Windows systems.


Contact NST to discuss your requirement and perhaps use of our vast repository (Mega SLOCs) of re-useable, real-time software can help jump start your developement.

Note: Things Change Rapidly! Specifications, Capabilities, Features and Availability Subject to Change Without Notice and May Be Restricted to Certain Users.