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MGI-DAS is a PC-104 Based GPS/INS Navigator, Data Acquisition Platform and System Controller Combined into One Platform

The MGI-DAS is an excellent hardware platform to develop your custom application. Alternatively NST can develop it for you using our real-time CORE C++ Windows software suite. . The modular design allows the system to be rapidly reconfigured to support various hardware I/O cards and functionality. A full-up MGI-DAS contains five mechanical chassis slices, where each slice contains specific hardware and bridge interfaces. The MGI-DAS was developed to support USAF precision navigation, platform aiding navigator, data acquisition and control of units under test in various land and airborne test environments. Based on the modular hardware from RTD Embedded Technologies, Inc's HiDANplus system with customizations and NST software, the MGIDAS is configuable to support various demanding use cases.

MGIDAS Standard I/O Capabilities

  • Core 2 Duo 1.86GHz, Removable SDD, 4 serial, 2 USB, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, Digital and 8 Analog Inputs, Keyboard, Monitor etc.
  • GPS / INS via NovAtel 628 and Honeywell HG1900CA50 (authorized users). Support for other NovAtel receivers and IMUs on request.
  • MIL-STD-1553 Dual Channel Dual Redundant (BC/RT/BM)
  • 32 High Speed Digital I/Os, programmable clocks, interrupts.
  • 8 Channels of Asynchronous RS232/422/485 interface to 921K baud
  • 2 Channels of Synchronous / Asychronous High Speed up to 50Mbps, HDLC/SDLC.
  • 1GHz TMS320c6416T DSP Processor.
  • 1PPS Time Distribution (TTL/422), GPS Event Marking, Serial
  • CORE Software Capability Summary

    NST’s CORE software is a suite of configurable C++ software objects / libraries / GUIs combined with the User Application Layer C++ to provide specific functionality on Windows platforms. The functionality is further refined based on the target hardware execution platform (notepads, laptops, rackmounts, MGIDAS). Applications are created from the CORE software library repository which contains a “tool kit” of real-time C++ software combined with specific C++ code to support customer’s list of devices or to develop simulations of physical systems. A partial list includes:

  • NST's Operating Scheduler (NOS) - 1 Pulse Per Second aligned synchronous frame-based thread scheduler for major / minor execution frame rate scheduling with Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) support.
  • Scalable device architecure. Instantiate 1 to N of the same devices (i.e. 6 GPS receivers).
  • Optional IntervalZero RTX hard real-time support.
  • Math Library (WGS-84, conversions, Navigator Class, Extended Kalman Filter Class, 3D Geometry Operations, Generic Arrays and Vector Classes, Generic 1D, 2D, 3D, aero-dynamic lookup tables, Quaternion and Euler operation (vector, scaler, to/from DCM, rotations, normalizations, conjugates, inversion, derivatives..., cubic splines LMS polynomial curve fitting, Runge Kutta differential equation integration, CRC routines).
  • Intra-Process Communications aligned to NOS thread execution frames - shared memory / mail slots
  • Engineering Unit Conversion (EUC) Engine (raw to engineering units conversions)
  • Connection Management - Client and / or server virtual message connections.
  • Comprehensive Data Logging of all I/O data.
  • Simulation Class: 3-degree-of-freedom / 6-degree-of-freedom models with waypoint guidance, Generic Navigator with models: accelerometer/gyro/baro/GPS satellite/GPS receiver/GPS Constellation...
  • Electrical I/O interface Management
  • System Configuration Tool
  • Startup, periodic and asynchronous scripting tools ( GUI based automatice engineering units to ICD translation
  • System / Device / Interface Scripting Execution Engine
  • Pre-test or Real-Time creation of data reduction, plotting, grid displays of any data interface item to message field level.
  • XML based device data dictionaries.
  • Distributed data viewing and Post Test data reduction tools
  • Optional OpenSplice DIS or MQTT publisher / subscriber interfaces.
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    Note: Things Change Rapidly! Specifications, Capabilities, Features and Availability Subject to Change Without Notice and May Be Restricted to Certain Users.