NST, founded in 2007, specializes in R&D product concept development and integration activities as a prime contractor for the USAF. NST employees have a long history of supporting the DoD with innovative and cost effective software, hardware, simulation based engineering solutions. Our experience base spans years of service to large DoD primes and USAF/AFRL as service contractor employees, supporting High Gear / ACTD / JCTD and risk reduction efforts from the early 1990s onward. NST’s engineering staff is composed of applied engineers with emphasis in systems integration, software and hardware development associated with varying domains from pure modeling/simulation, navigation, GPS/INS, GPS simulator integration (IEC, SPAWAR, Spirent), real-time systems, complex multi-sensor data acquisition, 3D visualization, network centric weapons concepts, and electronic warfare stimulator controllers.

NST also performs R&D activities for IoT/ Industrial IoT software and hardware with migration from DoD space to commercial.

NST's Accounting System Processess are Approved by DCAA for Cost Reimbursable (CPFF), T&M and FFP Type Contracts.

Functional Area

Capabilities / Experience

Avionics / Weapon IFC •  ICD Message Traffic Simulation and Physical Integration Of Avionic Navigation Embedded GPS Inertial Systems for HIL and Flight Test Controllers.
•  Development of MILSTD 1553 Bus Controllers, Remote Terminals Simulations, Independent Bus Monitors, - Data Translation, Distribution, Simulation (Smart Weapons),
•  Integration of Specialized Avionics Into Test Environments
•  Encapsulation of Logical Interface Control Documents into Point And Click Data Acquisition And Redistribution To Dissimilar Interfaces.
•  Weapon (1553 And TM) - Aircraft CORE ICD Emulation, Telemetry Capture, Host ICD Implementation / Emulation
•  Real-Time Telemetry Data View, Analysis Reduction Systems

HIL/SIL Development •   Wavefront GPS RF HIL, & IEC-2450 SATSIM HIL
•  GPSAJ Integration for Test
•  Coordinated GPS And EW Stimulator Controllers w/ EGI Stimulus, RWR, EW Environmental Simulator

System Controller / Data Capture Systems / Telemetry Systems •  NST’s Centralized Object Real-time Execution (CORE) SW for Rapid Development Controller Software for Evaluation and Verification of Navigation, Instrumentation, Simulation and HIL functions. (~1M SLOC C++ real-time)
•  Autopilot, GPS Receiver Integration / Test (Honeywell EGIs, Litton GINS, L3-IEC TTE, Mayflower, Raytheon, GBRAM, NovAtel, UBLOX, Piccolo Autopilot…)
•  Eglin Mobile Inertial Test Van SW for Aircraft Interface Simulations To UUTs
•  Real-Time Telemetry Via RF, Ethernet, Data Translations
•  Engineering Unit Conversion (EUC) Engines For Dozens Of Avionics And Commercial Data Formats
•  Software Development For Multiple Real-Time Streams From Airborne Assets
•  Situation Awareness Data Capture, Logging Visualization
•  Specialized PC Rack Mount System For Coordinated Data Capture And Time Tagging Of Two INS/GPS Systems, 6 Video NSTC/PAL Cameras, 4 FLIR Cameras And Various Other Sensors – OFFENSE AntBed

Flight Test •  Test Engineering, Data Acquisition, Data Analysis.
•  Reference Navigator Integration For Flight Test & Specialized Test Mechanization For Evaluation Of AFRL Beam Forming / Nulling Systems
•  GPS/INS Systems To Stimulate Avionics in Development
•  Range Telemetry Data Capture
•  Commercial Use Of Major Range And Test Facility Base (MRTFB) At DoD Rates (BAA Vehicle)

Network Centric Warfare •  Net-Centric Radios Concept Integration / Realtime Data Translation Distribution From Smart Weapons,
•  Embedded Bomb Damage Indicator (BDI) Advance Link (BLADE), MILSTD-6016 Network Enabled Weapon Concepts

Geolocation Algorithm Evaluation •  Realtime Symmetric Multi -Processing (SMP) Geolocation Simulator Toolkit – Geolocation modeling effects tool
•   RF Environmental Stimulator Controller Software:

UAV Pedestal Tracker •  FLIR PTU D300 Tracking Head Pedestal Control Software For Goodrich Piccolo Autopilot Based UAVs

Simulations •  HIL Component Software Models - Hybrid HIL/SIL
•  Six-Degree / 3-Degree Of Freedom Model Development For Rapid Multiple Engagement RF EW HIL Testing As Well As GPS INS HIL Stimulators. (Aircraft, Ship, Satellite Trajectory Generation. Bank To Turn, Skid To Turn)
•  Kalman Filter Development – Terminal Trackers, INS / GPS Fusion
•  IMU Integration, IMU Simulations
•  Realtime Electronic Warfare Geo-Location Algorithm Symmetrical Processing
•  Link-16 Message Simulation – EW / Network Enabled Weapons

Specialized Hardware Development for Special Purposes •  Carrier Boards, Interface Translators

Note: Things Change Rapidly! Specifications, Capabilities, Features and Availability Subject to Change Without Notice and May Be Restricted to Certain Users.