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CORE - A Common Object-oriented Real-time Execution System

A Flexible C++ Pseudo Real-Time and Hard Real-time Data Acquisition and Controller Software Architecture for Windows Based MiniPCs, Laptops, Notebooks, Surface, Rackmount PCs, PC-104 Systems...

The CORE software contains the building blocks of reusable C++ class libraries to construct simple to complex data acquisition and controller applications. The modular design allows integration of user application devices / software to the core architecture to rapidly develop systems. CORE was with a scalable architecture with time disciplined thread sequencing, timing, inter/intra process communications, navigation, simulation, avionics interfacing, data logging, data viewing, data reduction functions as the key attributes. With CORE, the real-time framework is established allowing the developer to concentrate on the application layer. NST has developed dozens of CORE and CORE-like applications for various USAF Directorates.

NST’s CORE software is the product of USAF SBIR, USAF AFRL Prime Contract and direct commercial development efforts to support complex test and HIL requirements with rapid reconfiguration and adaptablity unencumbered by third party products. CORE is a suite of configurable C++ software objects / libraries / GUIs combined with the specific application layer to provide functionality. The functionality is further refined based on the target hardware (notepads, laptops, pc, rackmounts, MGIDAS PC-104). Applications are created from the CORE software library repository which contains a “tool kit” of real-time C++ software combined with specific C++ code to support customer’s list of devices or to develop simulations of physical systems.

A partial list of features includes:

  • NST's Operating Scheduler (NOS) - 1 Pulse Per Second time aligned synchronous frame-based thread scheduler with hardware timer for major / minor execution frame rate scheduling with Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) support.
  • Varying levels of real-time fidelty depending on hardware / sources resource to support minimal to full up hardware systems.
  • Optional IntervalZero RTX hard real-time support for minimal latency / drift < 20usec (application dependent).
  • Symmetric multi-processing (SMP) multicore architectures by allowing users to define and allocate processing cores to specific tasks (i.e. autopilots, 6DOFs, etc.)
  • Math Library, 34 objects, (WGS-84, conversions, Navigator Class, Extended Kalman Filter Class, 3D Geometry Operations, Generic Arrays and Vector Classes, Engineering Unit Conversion Engine, Generic 1d, 2d, 3d, aero-dynamic lookup tables, Quaternion and Euler operation (vector, scaler, to/from DCM, rotations, normalizations, conjugates, inversion, derivatives..., cubic splines LMS polynomial curve fitting, Runge Kutta differential equation integration, CRC routines.
  • Intra-Process Communications, 72 Objects, Aligned to Thread Execution Frames - Data Passing Between Thread Operatign at Different Rates (Frame Aligned Data) (Shared Memory Management / Mail Slots, Internal Data Subscriber Sinks / Sources).
  • CORE-Library, 76 objects for Connection Management, Data Interfaces, and Scripted Events.
  • Comprehensive Data Logging and Distribution of all I/O data.
  • Simulation Class: 3-degree-of-freedom / 6-Degree-of-Freedom (DOF) Models with Waypoint Guidance, Generic Navigator with Models: Accelerometer/Gyro/Baro/GPS Satellite/GPS receiver/GPS Constellation...
  • Simulation of Avionics Navigator ICDs
  • Electrical I/O Object Interface Management
  • UDP Data Servers or Optional MQTT or PrismTech DDS publisher / Subscriber Interfaces.
  • System Configuration Tool - Architect
  • Script Definition Tool - Scripter - GUI Based Startup, Periodic and Synchronous Scripting of Automatic Engineering Units to Device ICD Message Translation
  • Data Extraction Tool - Extractor - Displays, Plots, ASCII Logs.
  • Realtime and Post Test Data Interface Viewer - IntVue
  • Startup, Periodic Scripting Tools (GUI Based Automatic Engineering Units to ICD Translation)
  • Pre test or Real-Time creation of data reduction, plotting, grid displays of any data interface item to message field level.
  • XML Based Device Data Dictionaries.
  • Partial List of Integrated Devices:

  • Various Military GPS/INS Navigators: Honeywell, Northrop, Raytheon, L-3
  • GPS Constellation RF Simulators: (Contact NST)
  • GPS receivers: Mil: L-3 IEC, Rockwell, Raytheon, Mayflower Commercial: NovAtel, U-blox, Ashtech
  • Smart Weapons (Contact NST)
  • Threat Emulator: Military (Contact NST), Commerical: (TMC TATE)
  • IMUs: HG1900, HG1700, Crista, HG1930, Crossbow 440
  • Radio Modems: Microhard, Lexycom, PRC
  • Visible and IR Cameras: Point Grey Fleas, FLIR Phonton, Thermonteknix Miricle, Goodrich SU640
  • Autopilots: Cloudcap Piccolo
  • Rate Table/Pedestal: Ideal Aerosmith 1291, FLIR D300
  • Instruments: Anritsu Sitemaster, Agilent, TMC IGEMS
  • Partial List of Supported Electrical Interfaces:

  • MIL-STD-1553 (BC/BM/RT)
  • RS 232/422/485 C, Sync/Async
  • SCRAMNet
  • Reflective Memory
  • GPIB
  • IRIG
  • CANBus
  • Digital I/O / Parallel I/O
  • Ethernet
  • Firewire
  • Contact Us to Discuss Requirements and Possible CORE Low Cost Real-Time Solutions.

    Note: Things Change Rapidly! Specifications, Capabilities, Features and Availability Subject to Change Without Notice and May Be Restricted to Certain Users.

    NST's Appliations Based on the CORE Architecture, Vary From Simple Instrument Controllers and Device Data Loggers to Complex Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) Real-Time Controllers.

    Sample Applications
    Aircraft ICDs Emulation
    UAV Sensor Fusion / Ground Link
    GPS / EW Hardware In The Loop
    Modular GPS/INS DAQ Control
    Multiple INS,GPS, Camera DAQ