Network Sensing Technologies (NST) LLC  is a software / hardware developer and integrator of unique applications for DoD and commercial sectors.  Comprised of a diverse group of dedicated professionals NST is able to quickly generate complex applications from our vast reusable CORE software library.   A sample domain  of our hard real-time, pseudo real-time and embedded applications include:

  • Low Cost GBU-31 Network Enabled Weapons (NEW) MILSTD-6016 J11 (WIFT/BHI) Situation Awareness (SA) System.
  • Aircraft  / Weapon (GBU31) MIL-STD 1553  Avionics Interface PC Controller
  • Modeling, Simulation and Integration of GPS/INS Systems (EGI (F-15,F-16,C-130), GINS (F-22).
  • Flexible GPS / INS / Electronic Warfare Hardware in the Loop (HITL) System Controllers (SPAWAR AGNS , Legacy IEC-L3 Spirent Simulators, WPAFB EW Stimultor)
  • Kalman filter apps  (GPS/INS, Transfer Alignment, Trajectory Prediction)
  • Electronic Warfare Geo-Location Simulations (TDOA, FDOA, Rotational Doppler).
  • Scalable Six and Three Degree-of-Freedom (6DOF 3DOF) Simulations with IMU and Navigation Aiding Interfaces.
  • Protocol / ICD /  interface translator (i.e. ICD150/153 <> NMEA | rs422/rs232/CANbus/ Ethernet / 1553 / ScramNet…) , (GBRAM to Piccolo Autopilot).
  • Datalink Controller / Translator / Processor based on Microhard Nano and Lexycom Telion RF Modems
  • UAV Pedestal Tracker Controller (Piccolo autopilot and FLIR PTU300 Pedestal)
  • Distributed data distribution (DDS) Service MiddleWare .

Our software and hardware systems are developed in C++ and .NET   and are designed to run in soft real-time, time disciplined pseudo real-time as well as hard real-time modes on Windows systems and embedded platforms.  Coupled with all of our systems are flexible data acquisition, data distribution, data analysis and real-time data viewing methods / tools to allow point and click visibility to the interface bit level if needed.

NST is Transitioning our R&D DoD Based Applications to the Commercial Sector.  Contact NST for Additional Information or Your Specific Application Requirements.